#2 If we don’t talk about it – does it exist?

There was a flurry of phone conversations between Robert and family members, amounts were borrowed €3,000 here, £25,000 there until he took a mortgage out on his house so that things quietened down. Personally at the time I was incredibly frustrated by the fact that an almighty family force hadn’t come down on Robert and forced him to come clean about what had gone on in Brazil and what his financial plans were from then on.

What little confrontation there was Robert saw coming and avoided or simply got up and left whenever anything like the subject of his stupidity was mentioned. Head well and truly in the sand.

Astonishingly he allowed Jocelyn back into his life, back into his house along with her son for a short period. Life carried on for him as if nothing had happened.

As family we knew that we should rise above all of this and keep Robert close. Unfortunately this meant that Jocelyn was included in activities and this condoned her presence. Robert looked no further than this and appeared to be at home with everything.

Totally flabberghasting – I am sitting here thinking about this and I am finding it quite unbelievable how stupid someone can be. Well stick with it because we’ve not even scratched the surface yet!

His finances had come under scrutiny when he’d initially returned from Brazil. His best friend had flown from the UK to Spain to try and help him with this whole sorry situation. It was discovered just how much he’d ‘blown’ in Brazil including a £30,000 payment to Jocelyn’s family restaurant ! Oh the big I AM.


~ by thiswoman on September 22, 2007.

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