#3 Sucker for Punishment.

The next financial year came upon us and low and behold Robert could draw down from his pension a large sum of money… which he did. Just short of £70,000. He was stupid enough to chase this transaction by email using my laptop. Do you think I should justify peeking at emails addressed to someone else? Well I could try. In his own interest. Can’t help him without knowing the facts.

Whilst he was arranging his next cash flow injection he was arranging his flight to Brazil ! I don’t actually recall the family getting particularly animated about this but my partner did attempt to talk to Robert about his intentions. To no avail – Robert said that there were plans to sell the restaurant in Brazil and he’d be paid back and all would be well deny deny deny.

The cold facts were just not figuring in Roberts head. She was a prostitute who had seen him coming a mile off. It’s so clichéd it makes me laugh. He is her meal ticket but not just her (and I have to respect her for this) she is going about her business for her family. She has found a lonely man who has cash that he agrees to spend on her and her family and she will continue to be what he wants her to be, at the very least a companion, until his money runs out OR he realizes he’s drowning in Egypt !!

September 2006 and Robert went off to Brazil to rent an apartment and spend time with Jocelyn. Things were pretty quiet, as in he was consistent and didn’t keep in touch with anyone. Christmas came and went and then early in the new year we got a phone call from Brazil from a very panicked Robert claiming that “She has done it again. She has stolen all my money.”


~ by thiswoman on September 23, 2007.

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