#4 Credit me with some sense.

Now this behaviour is typical of Robert. Absolutely no regard for anyone else; it did not dawn on him that his call from Brazil would cause major concern and that there was absolutely nothing that we could do for him. He told us that they (her and her family) had threatened to take his tickets and his passport so that he couldn’t leave.

How could we help? We told him to get in a taxi and go to the British embassy. We looked up the address on the internet for him. He didn’t think that was necessary ! Hmmmmm can’t be that serious then. When he was questioned about the money he said that Jocelyn had taken his credit card and used it. Hmmmmm and how did she have your PIN number? It might have been given to her.

At this end of the phone we put our brains into gear and instructed Robert to make a police record of it if he was to stand any chance of getting this money back via his credit card company. I had been in a similar situation where a temporary lodger of mine had gone through my banking documents and taken a card and Pin number. How they got the pin was immaterial to the credit card company as soon as I had a crime number and I was subsequently reimbursed without question.

Robert then did something even more stupid. However intimidated he felt at that point was nothing to the fear he felt when he told Jocelyn that we’d told him to go to the police ! She screamed and shouted at him so that we could hear she was totally losing it. What an idiot. I can talk flippantly about it now but at the time we feared that Robert would soon become a statistic in a body bag !

Jocelyn was quite rightly scared of the police. Her movements between Spain and Brazil would come under scrutiny. Her status in Spain would also be threatened and that seems to be the place where she makes her money – more European Ex-pat targets.

The resolving of Roberts immediate situation was done by him – I think it may have included a lot of calming and promising to not contact the police. I don’t think for a second that he would have involved the police anyway as he knew that it was his error of judgement that resulted in Jocelyn having the PIN.

The truth was that she didn’t steal anything from him, she had just helped him spend it. Robert had got carried away again with her help. When he’s in Brazil he seems to spend beyond his resources – he lives the high life and when his money runs out he hits the ground and tries to make his escape. At least this time he tried to blame it on someone else; at least this time he displayed an understanding for how stupid he’d been and at least tried to hide it by blaming it on someone stealing from him ! Which incidentally we saw straight through immediately.

So a couple of days later he returned to Spain from Brazil and was picked up from the airport by his best friend (over from the UK specially) and his son (my partner) They fully intended to grill him in the car on the journey home but Robert was not prepared to talk. Just let me get my head straight, let me get home and we’ll talk about this in the coming days.

He didn’t.

He did however borrow £6,000 from one of his brothers. The same brother who had lent him around £25,000 the first time he limped home from Brazil. It was at this point that I looked at the pension emails and discovered just how much he had blown. £67,000. Astonishing.


~ by thiswoman on September 24, 2007.

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