Dawn of regret

Fuzzy head. Annoying finger keeps prodding – something you did or said last night will come back to haunt you today.

And its not till you sit down at the laptop that it all comes seeping back in the paracetamol tinged morning light. I had too much to drink last night and I made the mistake of sitting at my laptop creating communications.

Oh shit. Who did I email last night (or more like the small hours of this morning)? I shakily scan through sent messages and find that the mother-in-law was the lucky recipient of god knows what drivel. It’s OK, things are not that bad – I did actually have a reason to email her and I pretty much stuck to the matter in hand and just would have come across as a bit ‘chatty’. That’s ok then.

Oh but it’s been worse in the past.

Alcohol fuelled Skype chat (typing not voice) where I somehow struck up a conversation with some American bloke who I was probably fairly rude to since I do believe that Americans are dangerously naive on the whole. I then had absolutely no recollection of this discussion about Iraq, George W. Bush and the total lack of international news available to Americans until the next evening he popped up via Skype and asked me if I wanted to continue our chat !! My hang-over, by then almost gone, suddenly turned into nausea as it dawned on me that this had all happened. But what had I written ? Luckily there was no saved history and I quickly declined his offer – thankfully its that easy to block someone from contacting you. What a prat. Me not him.

On another occasion, and this is the worst site to frequent when you’re pissed, I was mouthy on Friends Reunited !

I actually thought that I was being witty when I told an ex-boyfriend that he was an arse and totally full of himself. Only to have him reply a few days later. Again that nausea came bowling back but worse as I’d enjoyed 2 days of innocent obliviousness. His reply was actually quite nice and he didn’t ask the all important question, “Why have you emailed me now?” I’d feel so bad saying “because I was pissed and if I’d been sober I’d continue to think that you were not worth bothering with.”

None of this is too bad – I could have got myself into a lot of trouble on Friends Reunited but even with alcohol I still have this self-preservation thing going on. So I didn’t send abuse to my arch enemy telling her she’s really fat now and still as ugly as she was when we were 15. Imagine the fallout from that.


~ by thiswoman on October 11, 2007.

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