Every Woman is a Single Parent.

Any mother will tell you that bringing up children and running a family home is bloody hard work. Any mother knows how difficult life as a single parent is. A mother doesn’t have to be a single mother to appreciate how hard it would be to do it all alone.

I count my lucky stars that I have P, that I am not fending for myself in this tough world and trying to do the best for my kid but scared that it’s not enough. But lets face it I have it easy in comparison.

Hang on a minute. Am I being incredibly condescending here? I don’t know the first thing about actually being a single parent – I can imagine but I’m damn glad that it’s not my reality.

Or so I thought…

On a typical weekend when P is at home sitting in front of the football or not hearing our 3 yr old calling him to come see his picture or making washing up constantly without the slightest idea where the sink is or ‘just popping to the shops for some RedBull’ without a thought to what’s on the shopping list. I could go on.
How many times do I find myself spitting “Christ ! It’s like having two toddlers !” Which is a small lie as quite honestly our 3 yr old makes less mess.

So maybe I do have more of an idea about what it is to be a single mother or to be more precise; to be the only adult in the house.


~ by thiswoman on January 10, 2008.

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