about this woman

I’m a mummy (among other things). I’m not bothered about being a driven mummy. If there were a benchmark for mummy’s I’d probably be somewhere below the accepted standard. Can I feign concern about that? No, I can’t be bothered to do that either.

It has become apparent to me and will to you over time too (if you come again) that I enjoy sitting at my laptop creating, fiddling, learning, conversing and oggling.

‘BLOG’ What a tedious word – I don’t like blogs – I’ve read so many bloody miserable, mediocre, churn-out-all-the-lazy-clichés-I-used-to-use-in-school blogs that I’m cringing, hoping I don’t become guilty of doing the same – but as I’ve already said – I enjoy sitting here creating, fiddling, learning, conversing etc…

So what theme do I want, as in – who am I? Should I be a figment of my imagination so that I can fulfill my fantasies online? Should I adopt a ‘devil may care’ attitude and write about my frigging habits? Perhaps I could pretend to be my own pet!


2 Responses to “about this woman”

  1. Hi, “Mummy” Lets talk about you assisting our newest project. http://www.projectworkingmom.com

  2. Hi Drew,
    I’m not in the States and have a job, design websites, sell houses, manage toddler and partner and home …. and therefore probably will not be of too much help to you. Feel free to keep me informed though.

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