Looking up to Daddy.

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As we’ve established here P is not known for his DIY skills and probably feeling a little goaded into trying something bearing in mind my self-sufficient practical abilities, P decided to actually change a light bulb. I think that’s worth an exclamation mark. !

Not a bulb in the house either but one outside on the passageway – a community bulb ! The light, on a motion sensor, had not been working for over a week and I don’t think even P could bring himself to call the electrician for something so trivial.  Our four year old of course wanted to take part in this ceremony after-all it was a ‘first’ for all of us. I was careful to appear as if I was carrying on doing something else but I was taking notice, getting the tiniest needle as I was no longer the DIY one. I had competition.

Nothing to worry about though since P then needed to ask me where my tools were, did I have a philips screw-driver? Yes but all my tools are in my tool box down in the garage in my car. But I did find him a philips in my handbag. (which I carry along with a maglite and a swiss. Am I normal?)

Off he went quite happily, balancing on a chair on tip-toe trying to undo the light cover, eventually deciding to get the step ladder which was obviously a lot more comfortable and safer for him and our four year old who was standing right by the chair watching his daddy do what his mummy usually does.

Now not many four year olds stand in one place for long and so when ours decided to go running around daddy he set off the sensor and the light switched on which meant that the bulb got hot and couldn’t be removed comfortably. That was apparently my fault as I was told I should be keeping S out of the way. Men and multi-tasking really don’t exist in the same universe.
“explain to him what you are doing and he will do what you say” I said helpfully.

Then once the bulb was out and identified a new one had to be found. “Where are the bulbs?” “In the bottom drawer” where they’ve always been. P found one and just ran it past me to be sure. Off he went with S in tow. Back up the ladder and…

smash. dropped the bulb and he was doing so well. I shall not lie, I was amused.
Poor P. Maybe his DIY days are over already.


Well that’s P’s DIY over for a year

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He’s just attempted to refill the motorized pepper mill. Couldn’t take it apart without guidance, managed to get the peppercorns in without too many going on the floor (without the use of a safety net or a funnel) managed to get the pepper mill back together again but failed to make it work again.

I shall go have a look now in a state of sheer disbelief at P’s practical inabilities. Now I am beginning to understand why our three yr old still can’t dress himself; perhaps his father only managed it for the first time solo on his 22nd birthday !

Mark my words…

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There’s a season of films on BBC2 beginning this evening entitled “WHITE” – Is White Working Class Britain becoming Invisible?

The comments and sparks for each programme have begun to fly and there are a lot of predictable things being said. As soon as the BBC put ‘white’ into the title they knew that they’d evoke a discussion based on colour. It is extremely divisive.

I hate the media for that – I want a true picture of Britain’s working class today – not some loaded emotive racist name calling pap. I want the facts and the figures.

Unfortunately there is very little, if any, factual information about Britain’s workers and benefit claimers available in the media and so it reads as all of the comments – heresay, unfounded gossip and glib generalisation – so that’s like reading The Sun, The Mirror and the Daily Mail all rolled into one.

I don’t live in the UK any more and I have referred here to my feelings about it when I am there.

I think the BBC has been incredibly irresponsible to pitch these programmes about the working class as “WHITE” – If they want to get people talking, if they want true healthy discussion about issues in Britain concerning the Working Class then there are far better ways of achieving that.

This season will cause a lot of people a lot of anxiety and grief – this is not the way to get Brits to interact. I think the BBC has a duty to inform — NOT to provoke.

I was virtually there.

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I love the internet.

It turns out that Robbie didn’t attend (was he ever going to?) and Mel didn’t play but merely offered his services for the coin toss and so I didn’t need to go to the cricket match in the end.

Hollywood.tv went tho’ and they very nicely posted this on YouTube for the likes of me…

So image panic over (religious or naughty) – never will there be a place in time when Mel and Robbie appear together – not in a month of cricket sundays. Only in my dreams.

OK. Back to reality…

It’s just not cricket !

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Today in Los Angeles there is a cricket match taking place. It is one of the events celebrating the G’Day USA Australia week and various celebrities and cricket stars from Oz and the UK will be competing including, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Ian Botham, Robbie Williams, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Jude Law, Steve Waugh, Kevin Pietersen, Simon Jones…

Here’s the problem:
My Girlie self rather has a thing for Robbie Williams – the very successful British pop star and song-writer who has now been living in LA (mostly) avoiding the public glare. I’ve seen him perform a few times and have followed his career since I realised what a very sexy, talented, good-looking and funny chap he was. Don’t get me wrong I am not doe-eyed and stupid. I realise he is not all angel-delight as he can be prone to addictive and depressive bouts of down-time.

Where’s the problem?

My Grown up woman self finds Mel Gibson knee tremblingly irresistable (Yes – despite his Tequila fuelled mouthing off in the summer of 2006) and now in his 50’s hugely more interesting with a real depth of character. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was floored the first time they saw this young guy playing Mad Max, Fletcher Christian or Tim. Apart from causing me to need to change my underwear a few times Mr Gibson has also enthralled me with his directorial story-telling.

So on the Leo Magnus Cricket complex pitch this afternoon in San Fernando Valley, Mel Gibson will be playing for the Aussie team and Robbie Williams for the England team.

Where do I look ? Who do I applaud? Where can I fix my make-up?
OMG What do I wear? Do I go fit, sporty, sexy, fashionable and a bit naughty for Robbie or do I go fit, sexy, intelligent and a bit religious for Mel?

Find out what I did later…

Every Woman is a Single Parent.

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Any mother will tell you that bringing up children and running a family home is bloody hard work. Any mother knows how difficult life as a single parent is. A mother doesn’t have to be a single mother to appreciate how hard it would be to do it all alone.

I count my lucky stars that I have P, that I am not fending for myself in this tough world and trying to do the best for my kid but scared that it’s not enough. But lets face it I have it easy in comparison.

Hang on a minute. Am I being incredibly condescending here? I don’t know the first thing about actually being a single parent – I can imagine but I’m damn glad that it’s not my reality.

Or so I thought…

On a typical weekend when P is at home sitting in front of the football or not hearing our 3 yr old calling him to come see his picture or making washing up constantly without the slightest idea where the sink is or ‘just popping to the shops for some RedBull’ without a thought to what’s on the shopping list. I could go on.
How many times do I find myself spitting “Christ ! It’s like having two toddlers !” Which is a small lie as quite honestly our 3 yr old makes less mess.

So maybe I do have more of an idea about what it is to be a single mother or to be more precise; to be the only adult in the house.

#6 No News – Good News

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All’s quiet on the Brazil front. Jocelyn is out of the picture currently although the ‘relationship’ has not ended. She is just not about being either in Brazil or Barcelona. Robert has rented an apartment which he’s very happy with and Christmas is on it’s way.

Our little family unit however, is suffering from total lack of cash with business continuing to be ‘muy mal’. Market has turned here and the UK housing market is not one of confidence either so all the buyers have disappeared from Spain.

Currently I’m spending my time tweaking the website to try and squeeze out a few more google result places to the good. Tough times.